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Reducing FabHair carbon footprint

The first thing we did was choose an energy supplier that uses a 100% renewable energy as opposed to energy deriving from fossil fuels.

We recently changed all the salon lights to LED and CFLs to reduce unnecessary use of energy & heat, in places where lighting is always not needed we have lights with occupancy sensors only working when needed.

Turn down that thermostat, salons are naturally warm environments constant use of hairdryers means an abundance of hot air, turning down the thermostat by 1 degree you’ll save up to 5% on heating costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

One of our salons largest expense is our laundry bill a necessary expense, energy efficient appliances are important but, also good habits like making sure washing machines, tumble dryers are full of towels and linens before you run them. A simple way of saving water and reducing salon CO2 emissions.

Salons use a lot of water washing hair, and removing colour, keeping the taps turned off between massaging the hair could save thousands of litres of water per year did you know one drop of water wasted every 2 seconds equals 4000 litres annually wasted. We also use flow regulators on all our shower heads this inexpensive shower head nozzle reduces the flow by dividing the water into smaller particle and mixes air into the water, giving a stronger flow and help reduce your water bill by up to 50% a month.


Other simple things you could do is to encourage staff members to carpool, use public transport or make use of our newly built cycle lane, go paper free, email clients till receipts, electronic forms for clients on tablets.

Moving salon software to cloud base will reduce the need for large computer systems. Purchasing well built items designed to last will help with constantly disposing and replacing goods.

There are so many more things we can all do to help make this a better world  for everyone, but I’m going to finish with one that’s important to me and my salon, we use and stock a brand that works towards helping the environment rather than exploit. This is why we work and support Paul Mitchell professional product a company that pledges to plant 750,000 trees by the end of next year plus many other causes.

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