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Awapuhi Wild Ginger HydroCream Whip™

WHAT IT DOES Hydrates and smoothes thirsty hair, and delivers long-lasting, crunch-free hold with a silky finish. HOW IT WORKS Awapuhi extract and light conditioners fight frizz and balance moisture.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shine Spray™

WHAT IT DOES Transforms dull strands with reflective shine. HOW IT WORKS Fine, lightweight mist ensures a natural finish; awapuhi extract balances moisture and intensifies shine. ADDED BONUS Leaves hair

Tea Tree Styling Gel®

WHAT IT DOES Locks in style with shine, body and manageability; the flexible hold allows you to rework any style. HOW IT WORKS Styling ingredients and conditioners shape hair with

Tea Tree Firm Hold Gel®

WHAT IT DOES Clean, flake-free gel provides maximum control with a refreshing fragrance, thickening hair and locking the style in place. HOW IT WORKS Styling ingredients help your style stay

Tea Tree Styling Wax®

WHAT IT DOES Creates flexible hold and texture that won’t quit, making hair shiny and defined with loads of control. HOW IT WORKS Flexible styling ingredients and vegetable-based conditioners define

Tea Tree Shaping Cream™

WHAT IT DOES Whips hair into shape with great texture and definition while providing strong, flexible styling power and long-lasting hold. HOW IT WORKS Mesh-like fibers define and separate. Botanical

Tea Tree Grooming Pomade®

WHAT IT DOES Provides old-school polish with a modern kick by shaping, controlling and defining hair with tons of shine. HOW IT WORKS Flexible resins and vegetable-based conditioners soften and

Paul Mitchell® Curls Ultimate Wave®

WHAT IT DOES Forms, separates and adds loads of texture to create sexy, tousled beach waves. HOW IT WORKS Soothing and smoothing mushroom extract fights frizz. ADDED BONUS Humidity-resistant for

Paul Mitchell® Curls Twirl Around®

WHAT IT DOES Dual formula defines, separates, and tames unruly curls and waves without frizz or crunchiness. HOW IT WORKS Crunch-free fixative leaves curls soft and touchable. ADDED BONUS Helps

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